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The Advantages of Adopting both Dry and Wet Dispersion

(1) Fast sampling speed: The sampling speed of the laser particle size analyzer reaches 2800 times/second, which can quickly collect the scattered signal, avoiding the signal loss and overlap, improving both the accuracy of the test result and the resolution of the instrument.

(2) Uniform feeding and automatic adjustment of flow: Bettersize automatic dry sampler adopts electromagnetic vibrator, cone feed chute, electronic regulator, air pressure automatic monitor, and venturi tube The feed is stable and uniform. The minimum material is only 0.5 grams.

(3) Dry dispersion is sufficient and reliable: The dry disperser of Bettersizer series combines shearing, interparticle collision, and collision between particles and walls. After the sample passes through the disperser under high pressure air, all the agglomerates are spread out.

(4) Dust-proof design: The nozzle is always under negative pressure, and the sprayed sample is directly collected by the vacuum cleaner, which will not pollute the lens and ensure the long and normal operation of the instrument.

(5) Convenient dry and wet conversion: Switch between dry and wet dispersion by simply remove and insert different dispersion units. Besides, Bettersizer series also equipped dry and wet small volume dispersion units.

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