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What is reproducibility? What Is the Difference Between Repeatability And Reproducibility?

Repeatability and reproducibility are two important factors for particle size analysis. So we must know what is reproducibility? What is the difference between repeatability and reproducibility?

Reproducibility is the deviation of the results obtained when the same sample is measured continuously for multiple times with changed measuring conditions. In order to evaluate reproducibility, at least one of the parameters below should be varied: (1) measuring time; (2) resample; (3) different operator; (4) different instrument; (5) different place. The common point between repeatability and reproducibility is to evaluate the stability and reliability of the instrument and the measuring methods via multiple measurements.

The difference is that the same conditions and even the same sample in the instrument are used for repeatability tests, mainly aiming to evaluate the current stability of the instrument and the environment. However, for reproducibility tests, the measuring conditions such as measuring time, operator, and sampling should be varied. It is mainly used to evaluate the long-term stability of the instrument, the reliability of the sampling method, and the effect of different operators, and so on. In practical applications, both repeatability and reproducibility should be regularly evaluated in order to make sure the instrument is operating in good condition.

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